Dynamic topologies


Finally a dynamic experiment with metal organic frameworks, producing unique undulating chemical topologies that appear to echo the molecular forms which lie below.

I used a sample of MA030P Aluminium Fumarate MOF, mixed in the metal magnetic nanoparticles, and upon activation of  my electroacoustic vibration feedback apparatus, unique forms and displacements suddenly appeared. And in a delicious twist, these forms kept morphing into “butterfly wing” patterns, which happens to be the molecular form of the MOF! See image below – link to scientific paper onAluminium Fumarate MOFs is here.

aluminium fumurate

In previous cymatic experiments nothing like this has ever manifested. Even the “mayday madness” cornstarch experiment – which now can be seen as a “control” test – didn’t produce such patterns and forms like this – there is something unique about the topology created in this solution. Also the electromagnetic induction coil and oscilloscope was picking up “barely detectable displacements”, subtle differences from those detected in the previous experiment. But as my scientist colleagues agreed, it is highly unlikely that somehow the visible patterns are a manifestation of the molecular form of the MOF, but hey, it’s there and that’s the magic of it!

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